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Beat the Heat: Summer Painting Tips 

Summer is in full swing, but the heat doesn't have to slow you down. Check out these warm-weather painting tips.

What PDCA Members Have to Say...

“Joining PDCA and working towards our accreditation has been hands down one of the best things we've done to help grow our business and ensure we're doing things right. It has been invaluable to be part of a group who is striving for excellence just like we are, and as a new painting business being able to connect and learn from others has been incredible. “

Ryan Turry, Headwaters Painting, LLC  in Minneapolis, MN

“We are all about quality, and PDCA Industry Standards line up with my own expectations. PDCA provides a seamless blueprint on how to run the best Painting Company you possibly can. It’s all about quality and culture."

C.J. Kish, Craig Kish Painting in Hudson Valley, NY

“Our PDCA membership supports and helps validate the business practices we strive to meet with each project we encounter. Our goal is to provide a safe, quality, and productive industrial painting service to our customers. The PDCA organization helps to legitimize our process.”

Don Thomas, Thomas Industrial Coatings, Pevely, MO

“PDCA has been a bridge builder for me in terms of education and being around other successful companies. Joining the PDCA was a very smart move for my company as our sales have increased tremendously and our capacity for production has increased.”

Torlando Hakes, Color Theory LLC, Bloomington, IN

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Top Tech & Productivity Tools

Day-to-day tasks can consume too much time when there is little or no automation. Countless cloud-based productivity tools are available to streamline and automate your tasks. These tools can usually be put into place with little disruption to your current practices. Ultimately, integrating new automation tools will increase productivity and help you make the most […]

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Add Profit With Rarely-Talked-About Strategies

Growing your business is not always about having more. You don’t need more sales, workers or equipment. Growth comes from determining what is important to you. Find out where to start and how to turn strategies into action in the latest webinar with Tom Reber. In this webinar, Tom shares three pieces of advice for […]

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10 Tips For Estimating

Estimates are one of the most important tools to help you land the next job. During our most recent webinar series on estimating, Fred Yarur of PEP (Painter’s Estimating Program) outlined 10 foundational principles to support effective estimating procedures. Use estimate tools. These enhance your ability to make informed decisions. Estimating is the process of […]

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Your Answer Hotline

If you’ve got industry-related questions, our Ask-a-Peer network connects you with fellow top-tier contractors that have the answers! Our network of expert PDCA members have volunteered to help you sort through a host of residential and commercial topics. By connecting with peers and experts in the same industry, your business will benefit and you can […]

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