Benefits of Joining an Association

Joining an association is the step that will set your business apart. Check out how PDCA can help you and your business. These are some of the exclusive benefits members receive.

Education and Training Resources
As a member of PDCA, you receive exclusive access to training videos and other educational content. You will have access to live webinars covering industry trends, business building tips, best practices and more. For a preview of some content we cover, check out our PaintEd Podcast channel.

Added Credibility and Brand Recognition
PDCA is an international brand many can recognize anywhere. Customers will be comforted to see the credibility and support associated with PDCA.

Networking Opportunities
Contractors, business owners, painters and other members of PDCA can access a peer network through our channels. You can ask questions, get advice and start conversations with other professionals in the industry.

Events and Conferences
Members have access to events and conferences through PDCA. Every year, PDCA hosts an EXPO, the world’s premier event for industry professionals. Other regional events occur throughout the year. Members get a first look at these events and exclusive discounts.

Our education and training resources can be applied to PDCA accreditation. This designation of professional excellence proves your business is dedicated to ongoing development.

If you’re looking to distinguish your business as an industry leader, become a PDCA member today!

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