Building Momentum Through PDCA Accreditation

On this episode of PaintED, Ryan Turry of Headwaters Painting in Minnesota talks with us about a resource available to you as a PDCA Member that you ought to be taking advantage of, PDCA Accreditation. In case you don’t know, accredited PDCA members are prioritized in the list of painting companies on, they receive a digital logo to display on their website, emails, and business collateral next to their PDCA membership logo, and they receive marketing materials which include brochures to hand to their customers that explain how PDCA-accredited members have distinguished themselves. It takes work to make sure you have the requisite education credits and business planning to stand with the best in the industry, but it is very rewarding. Ryan shares with us how he and his wife determined its value in their company, and what the challenges and rewards of the process actually looked like.

Click here to learn more about getting your business accredited through PDCA.

PDCA is the only trade association dedicated to the success of painting and decorating contractors. PDCA offers its members many opportunities to develop and grow through participation in educational programs, attendance at networking meetings, use of PDCA Industry Standards and much more.

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