Leadership That Increases Productivity

Leadership is a key tool in helping your company to become more valuable and independent. Igor Trninic breaks down how you can lead your team to better results and increase the worth of your business in this podcast.

  • No Substitute for Time, Hard Work, and Skills – There’s no substitute for hard work in business. Your personal skills and company will reap the benefits.
  • Build the Right Performance Culture – Implementing effective methods of recruitment is imperative to creating a positive work culture. Build your company the right way from the start.
  • Break Down Your Employee’s Goals – Annual goals often become too large for employees to handle on a day-to-day basis. Keep individual goals realistic to increase employee performance.
  • Goal-Centered Annual Performance Reviews – Yearly performance reviews indicate how a company is progressing. Proper reviews can streamline success and be productive for the future.

Want to hear more? Igor will be presenting on leadership at the 2019 EXPO March 6-9, 2019!